Sports Academies 

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Sports Academy Programs

The Henley Sports Academy provides ten sports where expert teachers and coaches lead the skill and tactical development of student athletes enrolled in the academy. Each of the sporting programs are developed in close consultation with the State Associations to ensure that we provide both a ‘developmental’ and ’high performance’ focus to tailor for individual student athlete’s needs. A subject within the curriculum, the Henley Sports Academy adopts a Year 7-12 model of delivery which provides students with mentoring and leadership opportunities. 

The aims of the Henley Sports Academy are to provide student athletes access to:

  • A flexible, supportive and “athlete friendly” academic environment.
  • Quality support in balancing sporting and academic expectations.
  • Competition and training opportunities.
  • Sport science services such as fitness testing, performance analysis, sports psychology, nutritional advice and sports injury support.
  • Work experience and career education support and planning.
  • An extensive personal development program specific to the student athlete.
Football: Girls
Football: Juniors
Football: Seniors
Soccer: Boys
Soccer: Girls
Surf Live Saving and Swimming