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Joining the Sports Academy

The Henley Sports Academy carefully selects students based on specific criteria to ensure a high standard of athleticism, personal development and academic endeavour. Criteria include exceptional ability in both training and competition, a positive attitude towards personal growth, potential for future development in the chosen sport, coachability, commitment to improving skills and knowledge, positive role modelling, academic achievement, and affiliation with a recognised sports club.

Prospective student athletes go through a thorough application process, allowing the Sports Academy team and specialist coaches to evaluate them against the entry conditions. This involves the submission of an application form, participation in trials, and the provision of academic reports, sporting history, and references.

As participation in the Henley Sports Academy is voluntary, applicants should be aware of an application fee and annual participation fee. These fees contribute to the continued success and development of the program, providing resources and opportunities for student athletes to excel in both their athletic and academic pursuits.

  • Year 7 2025 Intake (applies to current Year 6 primary school students only)
  • Year 8-11 Semester 2 2024 Intake (applies to current Year 8-11 Henley High School students only)
  • Year 8-12 2025 Intake (applies to current Year 7-11 Henley High School students and Year 7-11 students attending other high schools)
  • International Intake (applies to international students only).