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Student Executive

Student Executive is a decision making body at Henley High School. This year, the group consists 13 students across year levels 9 to 11. The group will be working closely with Aaron Brown (Year 12 Coordinator), Jade Ambler (Middle School Coordinator) and Principal Eddie Fabijan, to run events and fundraisers for the school. Much like a Student Voice Council, the students are available to discuss matters with any student who is concerned with an aspect of Henley High School. Student Executive will support their peers in resolving such issues through collaboration with the team. Each of the 13 students in Student Executive had similar reasons for joining the group last year when they went through an extensive application process. The students would like to introduce themselves to their peers and the wider community with the entries below. If you are a Henley High student, please consider these students when you need to address any concerns throughout the year. You can contact the team at our email address:

Meet Abbey

I’m Abbey Paton and I am in Year 9 in the Lowitja Sub-School. I have joined Student Executive to help improve and further my leadership skills, as well as being an advocate for students in the Middle School. My goal for 2018 is to help new students feel welcome at Henley, as well as contribute to fundraising and other school events. I am also looking forward to improving my public speaking skills during school functions throughout the year. 

Meet Enock

Hi, I am Enock Ipassou. I am in Year 9 and I am the Florey House Captain. I am a SSP soccer student and a member of the Student Executive. As a Student Executive member, I would love to serve others and be a positive role model in the school community. I want to be a student voice that creates a connection between students and teachers. I want to support both students and teachers within the community

Meet Eunah

Hi, my name is Eunah Joo, and I am a year 11 Korean international student in Florey. I still remember the first day I came to Henley High, I did not know anything or anyone however, thanks to my peers and staff members who helped me, I am now enjoying my school life and able to be here as a member of Student Executive. My main goal as a Student Executive member is not only to enhance my leadership skills, but also to help students through their school life, especially those who are new or from another country, because I understand how hard it is to settle in to a new school. Moreover, as one of the international students, I hope our school community can understand and respect the cultural differentiation in our school community, so that all students can be equally respected and content in Henley High. If there are any problems, I would love to help you through.

Meet Georgia

My name is Georgia Williams. I am currently a Year 11 student from the Mawson sub-school. I am delighted to be a part of the Student Executive for a second year. During my tenure, I sincerely hope to be able to make a difference both locally, nationally and internationally with a real passion for working to support the poor and the homeless, while fighting for children’s rights. I am humbled and privileged to be a part this Henley High School Community and will do all I can to assist my fellow students from Years 8 to 12.

Meet Mackenzy

My name is Mackenzy Richardson and I am a Year 11 student in Florey. I was a part of the Student Executive team last year and applied for the role again as I would like to expand my leadership skills and continue to help improve the school. This year in Student Executive, I would like to promote internationalism within the community, and initiate relationships between the year levels. I would also like to work with the team and school community to decrease the quantity of waste we produce, one way of doing this is to follow through on the idea that was discussed last year about introducing recycling bins into the school yard.

Meet Mckenzie

My name is Mckenzie Allen. I am in year 10 from Mitchell sub-school. I am a part of SSP hockey, I participate in surf lifesaving at Semaphore surf club in summer. Then during winter I play hockey at Port Adelaide Hockey Club. I chose to be in Student Executive as I wanted to be involved in organising events at our school that benefit other students and teachers and help improve the school community. By applying for Student Executive, I am hoping to improve my confidence and public speaking but also my leadership skills. I was a part of Student Executive last year and thoroughly enjoyed my experience so therefore I reapplied this year in hopes of achieving more.

Meet Myles

I am Myles Watkinson from the Florey sub-school, I am in year 10 and I am extremely keen to improve Henley High School this year. My favourite subject is Science because I love learning new concepts and gaining knowledge in that area. I also have a passion for sport which is what I do in most of my spare time and is also what allowed me to get into Henley on the sports program. My goal this year is for everyone to say, “I love Henley High” by the end of the year

Meet Peiyao

Hi, my name is Peiyao (Anna) Du and I am part of the Student Executive this year. I am an international student in year 11 from the Oliphant sub-school. I joined Student Executive this year because on the one hand I want to improve my leadership and communication skills. I want to be involved in school activities and share my opinion to make the school a better place. On the other hand, I want to help the international students to quickly settle down and join in the Henley family in different ways. To build a bridge between local students and international students, my goal for 2018 is to promote internationalism and multiculturalism to the school to help international students feel as though they belong in our school community.

Meet Ruby H

My name is Ruby Hickman and I am a part of the Student Executive Team for 2018. I am currently a year 11 student and this is my third year being a part of the team. This year I hope to continue building relationships with the new international students. Last year we ran a number of events which I believe were a great success, so hopefully this year we can make our ideas bigger and better with the new team. Being one of the oldest in the team, I hope to help the younger students improve their leadership skills and become the next role models within the school.

Meet Ruby P

My name is Ruby Parker. I am currently in grade 10 from the Mitchell sub-school. Those who know me know that I am someone who is comfortable just being myself and a person who is easy to talk to and get along with. I chose to be a part of the Student Executive team because I wanted to be able to be more involved with my school community and the organising of events to benefit students, teachers and others. This year I hope to gain some new leadership and teamwork skills. I want to voice the opinions of students at Henley High in order to make the school a more enjoyable and comfortable environment.

Meet Sarah

Hello, my name is Sarah Beagley and I am a year 11 student from the Lowitja sub-school. I am thrilled to have been selected for a second time to represent the students of Henley High. This year I hope to build on from the staggering success that last year’s team achieved. My main focus for this year is to promote equality within the school and local community. I also wish to continue working closely with the Mind Matters team to ensure the mental wellbeing of Henley High Students is put first. Lastly, I look forward to hosting leadership forums and continuing to support Henley’s outstanding International team.

Meet Vencel

My name is Vencel Milassin, and I am currently a year ten student in Lowitja. I am fifteen years old, and I consider myself to be an outgoing and easy to talk to person. My primary goals as a member of the Student Executive team are not only to improve my skills in public speaking, organisation, and leadership, but also to become a more deeply involved member of the Henley High School community, and to encourage, empower, and represent students of the school. Personally, when I first began my schooling at Henley High in week four of year eight, I found the transition seamless, as the atmosphere of the school was positive and uplifting, unlike ones I have experienced in the past – in various countries. Therefore, by joining Student Executive, my aim is to contribute to sustaining the positive atmosphere of the school. Moreover, I would like to help new or international students settle in, and to allow for them, and every other student of the school, to feel safe and positive, to do their best, and to make their high school experience as good as mine, if not better.

Meet Yuelin

My name is Yuelin (Lynn) Zhu and I am one of the Year 11 Chinese international students from the Florey sub-school. I joined Student Executive, because I would like to participate in organising school events and to do my best to benefit the school community. As an international student, I would also like to represent the voice of the other international students and help them as much as I can so that they are able to enjoy their time studying abroad. It is my pleasure to be a part of Student Executive and my goal for 2018 is to hold more events that are aimed at intercultural communication. I want every student to build positive memories of their time at Henley High.