Clubs and co-curricular programs 

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Beyond the classroom

Embarking beyond the boundaries of traditional education, our school’s clubs and extracurricular programs serve as dynamic hubs of creativity, passion, collaboration, and personal growth. Designed to enrich the student experience beyond the classroom, these offerings cater to a diverse array of interests, fostering a vibrant community where every individual can find their niche.

From STEM clubs igniting curiosity in science and technology to performing arts ensembles cultivating creativity on stage, our range of extracurricular activities provides students with the opportunity to explore new horizons, develop valuable skills, and forge lifelong friendships.

Maths Club

Maths Club provides students with an opportunity to access additional support from Henley High School mathematics teachers with maths homework and support for concepts taught in class during the school term on Wednesday at lunchtimes in the Mitchell Middle School. Contact Ms Nicole Osborne for more information.

Coding Club

The Coding Club is available on Monday lunchtimes in Mitchell Middle School for students interested in gaming, coding, programming, engineering, problem solving and developing computer skills. Students discuss ideas, projects, languages, new technologies and games of interest in a relaxed environment. Contact Mr Sienkiewicz for more information.

Year 8 STEMlings

The STEMlings program is designed for our Year 8 students with a keen interest in anything Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. The program runs sporadically throughout the year and is designed to provide students with hands-on, real-world experiences of what STEM can offer them into their careers. It involves a number of excursions to STEM-based venues, plus sessions based at Henley High School, delivered by specialists in their field. Contact Mr Tessari for more information.

Random Information Club

Quantum mechanics, strange laws around the world, Egyptian cheese, booby traps, bananas, anaesthetics, weird cults, Ancient Rome, hypnosis. There’s a lot of random information out there. That’s what this club is for.

Run by students, you get to choose the topic each week and engage in it. Watch, listen, connect and discuss with each other. Friday’s during lunch in Room 202. All are welcome. Contact Mr Sienkiewicz for more information.

D&D Club

Immerse yourself in the realm of fantasy and adventure with our Dungeons and Dragons Club, where students gather to embark on epic quests and forge unforgettable narratives. Held on Tuesdays after school. Contact Ms Giannini for more information.

Boater TV

This club aims to promote student achievement by creating a video newsletter to be sent out each term. If you are interested in editing, filming, script writing, interviews, directing or journalism, please join. Meetings are on Tuesdays during lunch in Room 300. Contact Mr Sienkiewicz for more information.

Super Band

Super Band play every Wednesday after school. Made up of students from Henley High School and neighbouring primary schools, Super Band is a wonderful opportunity for students to experience performing in the community, developing friendships with students in different year levels and improving their instrumental technique. Contact Ms Madigan for more information.

Instrumental Music Program

Each week Department for Education Instrumental Music staff visit the school to provide tuition in the following:

  • Drum Kit/Percussion
  • Guitar
  • Bass Guitar
  • Voice
  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Alto Saxophone
  • Tenor Saxophone
  • Baritone Saxophone
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello.

The 30 minute lessons occur weekly and are available to students enrolled in music subjects at Henley High School and Year 7 and 8 students that are continuing instrumental music students from primary school. Contact Ms Madigan for more information.

Prism Club

Prism Club is for all LGBTIQA+ rainbow students and allies. It provides a safe and inclusive space to eat lunch and hang out.

The Prism Club are also active in organising events and raising awareness on days such as Wear it Purple Day and IDAHOBIT. Prism Club meet on Mondays at lunchtime in Room 303. Contact Ms Spencer for more information.

Men’s Group

Established in 2021 as the Aboriginal Men’s Group, the club grew fast and now welcomes male students from all cultures and backgrounds. With a focus on culture and respect, the group meets fortnightly during Wednesday’s Care Group lesson and covers a wide range of topics that are relevant to young men in our society today. Contact Lionel Brusnahan for more information.

Aboriginal Women’s Group

Our school’s Aboriginal Women’s Group provides a supportive and empowering space where female Aboriginal students can connect, share stories, and celebrate their cultural heritage. Through dialogue, cultural activities, and community engagement, the students foster solidarity, resilience, and pride in their identities as Aboriginal women. Contact Ms Penneck and Ms Moore for more information.

Breakfast Club

Knowing that a good breakfast is the key to a good day, the Breakfast Club is held every Friday morning from 8.00am in front of the Hall (commencing Week 6, Term 1).

All students are welcome to come along, have a bite to eat or help set up and serve. A variety of food is available, with bread and toasties available most weeks. There are also specialty weeks, supported by the Year 9 Home Economics students. Contact Ms MacKenzie for more information.

Wellbeing Wednesdays

Wellbeing Wednesdays was established to allow students to have a safe space to complete homework, connect with other staff and students and participate in well-being activities. It is held every Wednesday after school until 4.00pm in the Psychology Room (Room 141). Contact Ms Parsons and Ms MacKenzie for more information.

Physics Club

Join our Physics Club and unlock the mysteries of the universe as we explore the fundamental principles that govern the cosmos. This club is also a must for students needing extra support to grasp physics concepts taught in lessons. Contact Ms Giannini for more information.

Chess Club

Mr Scott “Checkmate” Swanson and Mr Tom “3 Moves Ahead” Elfenbein run a chess club every Wednesday during lunch in Mitchell House. All are welcome, beginners to those caught playing in most lessons. Contact Mr Swanson or Elfenbein for more information.

Homework Club

Homework Club provides students a proactive opportunity to access teacher support and continue school work. Homework Club is open Wednesday mornings from 8.35am to 9.25am in Room 139. Contact Ms Greenan for more information.

Mobile Library

The City of Charles Sturt Mobile Library visits Henley High School several times throughout the term during lunch times. Students are required to hold a library membership to borrow books.

Students can browse and borrow on site, and can also use the online Charles Sturt Library Service to explore and reserve texts which are then brought to the school for the student via the mobile service. Contact Mr McCabe for more information.