School life 

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At Henley High School, students experience a vibrant and engaging school life.

With a diverse array of academic programs, clubs and co-curricular opportunities, Henley High fosters an environment where students gain a lot of enrichment in and out of the classroom.

Amidst that, there are numerous areas that a student and parent need to keep across and adhere to, in order to remain as professional and productive members of the school community. You can explore these areas through the links below:

Take a look at the school timetable and bell times.

Explore our uniform and where to purchase it.

Find out about how to report a student absence.

Find out about our canteen and the food options available.

Get access to our parent communications platforms.

Learn about our approach to assessments and reports.

Take a look at our student leadership and their role.

Explore the many clubs and co-curricular programs offered.

Look through our modern facilities and resources.