Mobile phones 

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Mobile phones

Access to personal devices during school is managed so that students can be present in their learning and interactions with their teachers and peers. Our approach is for mobile phones and other devices to be off and away for the duration of the school day including during break times, unless they are being used for specific class work with explicit permission given by the teacher.

Students who bring mobile phones (or other devices) to school must accept sole responsibility for their care. Students are to turn off their mobile phones and personal devices, including smartwatches and earbuds and place them in their locker at the start of the school day.

Parents may apply for a mobile phone ban exemption for their child for specific purposes. This includes where the device is used to monitor or help manage a health condition, is a negotiated adjustment to a learning program, is used for translation in the classroom, or the student has extenuating personal circumstances such as being a parent themselves or a primary carer to younger siblings or an unwell family member.

To support the school, if a parent has an urgent matter during the school day, then they are asked to contact Students Services who will locate their child.