Purpose and values 

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To prepare our students to flourish in an evolving and challenging world.

Embedded firmly within Henley High School, our purpose provides a guiding force with which our committed and impassioned leaders, teachers and staff use to support our students to achieve their own personal and academic successes.

Henley High School is dedicated to shaping resilient, ambitious, and contemplative individuals ready to thrive in our dynamic and complex world. Through the transformative journey of school, a profound adventure that nurtures exploration, challenges, and self-discovery, we empower students to set and navigate their unique paths.

Our school boasts highly-trained teachers employing proven pedagogical practices, ensuring optimal learning experiences. With cutting-edge resources and facilities, we continually enhance interactive learning environments to meet the evolving needs of future students. Henley High School fosters a sense of community, emphasising values that shape students into compassionate, conscientious, and team-oriented individuals.

Crucially, our school offers a myriad of educational pathways, including the largest and most diverse Sports Academy in South Australia, an International program, Aboriginal education, a Supported Learning Centre Disability Unit, Flexible Education Options and extensive subject choices.

Our values are:

To Strive

To Strive

To Seek

Not to Yield

Respect and Responsibility

We deliver on our purpose and values through four strategic plans: