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Telephone International: +61 8 8355 7000
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Monday - Friday: 8am till 4pm
Cudmore Terrace, Henley Beach SA 5022

Welcome to Henley High School

Henley High School is a local Government School for 1400 students in years 8 to 12, including 100 International students and 25 students with significant learning difficulties in our Disability Unit.

The school is situated close to Henley Beach, the airport and the CBD in Adelaide, South Australia and provides a comprehensive curriculum that meets the individual learning needs of the diverse range of students from our local and wider Western Adelaide community.

Henley High School is highly regarded for

  • A broad curriculum including career advice.
  • The use of ICT tools to enhance the engagement of, and successful outcomes for, students
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Literacy and Numeracy and VET programs.
  • Specialist Sporting programs that include a specialised entry program for high achieving student athletes in 11 sports.
  • Focus on Internationalism.
  • Provision of high quality teaching and learning for students with significant intellectual disabilities and those who are marginalised.

Priorities for the next 3 years will include;

  • Caring for our people

            Wellbeing: focus on a positive school culture and its connection to learning  and community.

  • Context of and for Learning

            Improvement: Improve outcomes on student learning through a holistic approach that includes
           Facilities and resources
           Pedagogy: How do we learn and grow our students 

  • Connections

           Partnerships: ongoing positive relationships are formed and maintained with families and in the local, wider and global community so that we can maximise student learning.


Specific information can be accessed on this website or I can be contacted by email


Eddie Fabijan