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Student Leadership

I have been at Henley for almost 9 years and at no stage have we really had an effective student representative council or SRC. Despite numerous changes in leadership, title, criteria for inclusion, we have not been able to engage students in meaningful and more importantly, regular involvement.

In the past 12 months, 2 groups of senior students have been invited to participate in international forums overseas – in Cambodia in October 2013 and Japan in February this year. These students have been very vocal in their expectation that they will be able to share their experiences and have an influence on their peers in a range of student leadership forums.  Needless to say, they were all outstanding ambassadors for Henley and our public education system.

I  am recommending that we ‘swap’ our SVC/SRC for a Student Leadership program where aspiring student leaders apply for inclusion and are accepted according to their capacity to meet agreed criteria.

I am also recommending that the current SVC determine the criteria and manage the process, in collaboration with some staff. I would hope to have new leaders in place from the beginning of 2015.

I would also expect that whatever initiative is agreed upon, there remains a role for the prefects in recognition of their outstanding service to the school.

Will be interesting to see what evolves.