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We waged war… Tug of War!

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As part of House Week, which is held to promote house culture and foster a good-natured competitive spirit in the lead-up to Sports Day next week, students in Years 7 to 10 competed in a Tug of War competition.

House rivalries flared as teams strained with determination and muscles flexed against the resistance of the taut rope. And then… cheers erupted from one side as victory was secured, while on the other, devastation.

But any sadness at losing was quickly replaced with loud encouragement, lots of smiles and laughs and overwhelming house pride.

Congratulations to all involved and let’s hear it for our champions:

Year 7 = Florey House 🔵

Year 8 = Mawson House 🟢

Year 9 = Oliphant House 🟡

Year 10 = Florey House 🔵