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Discover a career in Defence

Start: April 23, 2024, 9:00 am
End: April 23, 2024, 3:00 pm
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For our STEM and trades-inclined students aged 15-18, on 23 April the Australian Defence Force and Australian Public Service are hosting a Joint Proof and Experimental Testing Immersion Day at Port Wakefield.

Port Wakefield site

The 56-square-kilometre Port Wakefield Joint Proof and Experimental Establishment serves as the epicentre for weapons trials, munitions proofing, and environmental testing for the Australian Army, Navy, Air Force, and various defence groups, including defence science and technology.

What makes Port Wakefield unique is its comprehensive range, allowing for both static and dynamic testing and evaluation of weapons, ammunition, and equipment. It’s the sole range in Australia where projectiles can be fired into a coastal area and retrieved relatively undamaged for assessment, facilitating long-range testing of various weapon systems.

Moreover, Port Wakefield offers accelerated life cycle testing, radiography, inspection, function testing, and disposal of explosive ordnance, all on one site. It’s a hub for cutting-edge explosive ordnance and weapon testing, unmatched in the region.

Immersion day

During the immersion day, departing and returning to RAAF Base Edinburgh, students will delve into:

  • Range safety induction, including understanding the unit’s history and its crucial role within Defence
  • Exploring key facilities like the Ammunition Processing Building, Weapons Storage Facility, Workshop, and Range Control
  • A guided tour of testing locations with an explanation of the types of testing conducted at each site
  • Witnessing the Environmental Testing Facility in action, showcasing capabilities such as radiography and climatic and vibration testing of explosive ordnance.
  • If fortunate, witnessing a live firing exercise, subject to the day’s schedule.

This experience promises to be invaluable for students aspiring to or contemplating careers in STEM or trades. It offers a rare glimpse into the forefront of defence technology and operations, providing insights and inspiration for future pathways.

Applications are now open and places are strictly limited to 20. If you are interested register by Sunday, 10 March 2024.

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