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The Governor of South Australia inspires Henley High School Students with Leadership Wisdom

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Today, Henley High School welcomed Her Excellency, the Honourable Frances Adamson AC, Governor of South Australia and her husband, Mr. Rod Bunten. Their visit was marked by an insightful dialogue on leadership, emphasising the vital qualities of communication, trust-building, and active listening.

Engaging with our Year 12 Prefects and Middle and Senior School Student Executive, Her Excellency imparted wisdom drawn from her extensive experience in leadership. She highlighted the significance of effective communication in fostering unity and progress within any group. Furthermore, she underscored the importance of gaining and giving trust, a cornerstone of successful leadership. Her message resonated deeply with the young leaders present, urging them to cultivate relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

One of the key takeaways from Her Excellency’s address was the value of listening attentively to diverse perspectives, rather than surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals. She encouraged the students to embrace constructive criticism and to seek input from all quarters, recognising that true progress often emerges from engaging with varied voices.

Our Principal, Mr Tony Sims, expressed his delight at hosting Her Excellency and Mr. Bunten, recognising the invaluable opportunity it provided for the students to bridge the gap between theoretical leadership concepts and real-world applications. Such encounters, he noted, serve to inspire and empower the student body, fostering a culture of leadership and responsibility within the school community.

Reflecting on the visit, student leaders Lily and Panna expressed gratitude for the insights shared by Her Excellency. “We will put this advice into our leadership toolkit ready to navigate future challenges and opportunities,” they said.