Camps, Excursions and Incursions 

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Camps, Excursions and Incursions

Henley High School delivers many camps, excursions and incursions each year. They provide invaluable educational benefits through hands-on learning experiences that engage students outside the classroom, fostering curiosity, exploration, and a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Camps, excursions and incursions must be conducted safely and in accordance with Department for Education requirements. This page provides the information required to organise and manage camps, excursions and incursions at Henley High School.

For questions or support, please contact:

  • Assistant Principal Daily Operations: Overall governance and approvals
  • Student Services: Administration and EdSmart
  • Finance: Costs and payments
  • Promotions: Calendar

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Policy and guidelines

Schools must meet departmental requirements for camps, excursions and incursions, including sporting and adventure activities. It does not matter if they occur on site or not.

Please visit for full details, including:

  • Camps and excursions policy
  • Camps and excursions procedure (please note, this procedure covers the full running of a camp, excursion or incursion, whereas the Henley High School procedure deals specifically with administratively preparing for a camp, excursion or incursion, gaining approval and parental consent/payment.)
  • ED169 and ED170 forms (please note, Henley High School uses the digital form below in lieu of completing these PDF forms)
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Specific requirements and guidelines including relating to supervision, teacher:student ratios, first aid, transport, incidents and more


The Henley High School camp, excursion and incursion procedure details the steps involved to prepare for a camp, excursion or incursion safely, aligned to Department for Education requirements and providing maximum opportunities for student learning and growth.

This procedure must be followed for all camps, excursions and incursions.

Risk management plan

Camps and excursions risks with regard to health, safety and wellbeing should be identified and managed using the sports, adventure, camps and excursions risk management form.

Where a recurring camp or excursion has an existing risk management form, this may be reviewed and implemented for the current activity. This should only happen if the details remain the same and the controls have been implemented and are effective in reducing risks to an acceptable level.

Sites must make sure a risk assessment has been completed before seeking parental consent, before the site leader gives approval and before the camp or excursion takes place.

Staff are required to use the current version of the risk management form. Outdated versions will not be accepted.


This form must be completed for all camps, excursions and incursions conducted at Henley High School.

This forms encompasses the ED169 and ED170 and upon submission is sent to the following teams:

  • Promotions: they will check the school calendar for clashes and if there are none, will upload it to the calendar
  • Student Services: they will undertake a quality assurance check and if there are no issues, will upload it to EdSmart and send it to parents/caregivers to gain consent
  • Finance: if there are costs, they will check the details.

If there are any issues the teams above will email you to address them before proceeding.

Upon submitting this form you must continue to work through the Henley High School camp, excursion and incursion procedure.