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The Specialist Dance Program is based a training schedule supporting a whole year development model. As there is no off-season in Dance, physical conditioning is incorporated into all technique lessons as well as the Fitness unit. Students have two 100 minute lessons per week over the whole year.  Students study dance genres of Contemporary, Classical Ballet, Hip Hop and Jazz.

The training schedule supports a whole year development model focussing on;

  • Specific skill and technique development
  • Team and strategy development
  • involvement in various competition, carnivals and exchanges
  • Individual and group strength and conditioning programs
  • Rehabilitation and recovery support  
  • Video analysis
  • Fitness Analysis
  • Coaching and officiating accreditations
  • Nutritional, Sport psychology and Injury Prevention and Drug Awareness programs

Further information about curriculum and support structures for athletes can be found in the Athlete Program and Athlete Services Tab.


Term 1

Focus: Group Choreography and Hip Hop Technique/Performance
Key Practical Concepts:  Individual and group choreographic skills, Hip Hop Technique and Performance (with Ryan Turner).
Key Theoretical Concepts:  Elements of Dance, Choreographic Devices and Structures, Goal Setting, Safe Dance Practice.

Term 2

Focus: Technique Analysis, Classical and Contemporary Technique/Performance
Key Practical Concepts: Mount Gambier Exchange, Classical & Contemporary Technique and Performance, Rehearsal of repertory.
Key Theoretical Concepts:  Biomechanical Technique Analysis, Goal Setting.

Term 3

Focus: Primary School Coaching & Fitness
Key Practical Concepts: Dance specific Fitness development, Rehearsal of repertory, SA Stage Dancing Eisteddfod (September School Holidays), Coaching workshops with local Primary Schools.
Key Theoretical Concepts:  Beginners Coaching Accreditation (Year 9s), Coaching Individual Reflection, Goal Setting.

Term 4 

Focus: Jazz Technique/Performance & Fitness
Key Practical Concepts:Dance specific Fitness development, Rehearsal of repertory, Jazz technique and performance.
Key Theoretical Concepts: Fitness Analysis


  • Henley High School Dance Studio (mirrors and barres)
  • Henley High School Weights Room
  • Henley High School Performance Space (small performance space)
  • Henley High School Hall (large performance space)


The following students and old scholars have been Dancers in youth Dance companies;

  • Sarah Dimas (Australian Classical Youth Ballet)
  • Laura Dimas (Australian Classical Youth Ballet)
  • Amy Donohue (Australian Classical Youth Ballet)

The following old scholars have gone onto full time tertiary Dance training:

  • Amy Donohue (Gravity Studio’s Cert IV in Dance)
  • Alexandria Hassiotis (AC Arts Bachelor of Dance Performance)
  • Madeline Smith (Gravity Studio’s Cert IV in Dance, Todd Patrick Studios Melbourne)
  • Konstanz Symeonakis (AC Arts Bachelor of Dance Performance)


2014 Dance Star Competition 5th (Hip Hop)
2015 Dance Star Competition

1st (Contemporary) 

2nd (Hip Hop)


Brent St in Sydney

2015 Sarah Dimas

Todd Patrick Studios Melbourne – Performing Arts

2015 Courtney Hettner

Other past students have gone onto full time dance training in Adelaide either doing a certificate course at Gravity, or a bachelor of Dance at Flinders at the Adelaide College of the Arts campus.  


A variety of dance industry professionals/artists also work with the SSP Dance program, dependent on their own performance commitments

Laura Eitel Teacher & Program Manager
Megan Cooper - Teacher
Ryan Turner - Hip Hop Instructor