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International Education

At any one time there are up to 100 international students enrolled at Henley High School, who are supported by a committed team of staff comprising of an Assistant Principal, International Student Manager, School Support Officer, the School Counselors and highly experienced caring teachers. Special orientation and pastoral care programs enable us to build strong relationships with students, parents and homestay families to ensure the positive engagement and successful achievement of all international students. This creates a welcome and supportive environment within the school community.


Henley High School International Student Program:

Study Abroad Program

High School Graduate Program

Study Tour


Homestay Accommodation

While studying at Henley High School you can stay with a local caring family who provide homestay accommodation. All homestay accommodation is arranged by South Australian Government Schools through the International Education Services office at the Department for Education and is supported by the school. For more information about homestay accommodation and being a high school student in Adelaide, please visit the South Australian Government Schools website.


Henley High School has a comprehensive curriculum which caters for the varied interests and abilities of young adolescents. Our goal is to ensure that each student can identify and plan their career pathway in collaboration with a mentor and then select subjects to enable them to achieve their individual goals. For more information about our curriculum visit the Curriculum page.


South Australian Government Schools can help you enrol to study abroad at our school. For other enquiries about studying abroad please contact the International Education Services office at or +61 8 8226 3402 or visit

For more information about studying at Henley High School as an international student, please contact us via email

Compulsory additional requirements

Laptops – All students are required to use the school laptops

  • Graduate students - are required to purchase a school laptop (cost for 2020 is $1250), payment in full is required by the end of the first week after commencement date.  (Invoices will be issued after arrival once forms have been submitted)
  • Study Abroad students - are required to pay a non-refundable lease fee.  Any damage will be an extra charge.



  • Some Mathematics subjects require graduate students to purchase a Graphics calculator from the school, cost $240.00 Invoices will be issued once students commence studies.



  • Bi-Lingual dictionary – Hard copy is required (Electronic dictionaries are not permitted in exams). Dictionaries can be purchased from any good book store once they arrive in Australia.



  • All students are required to pay $26 for school combination padlock

Additional Costs

Some practical subjects such as Music and Technical Studies may attract additional costs that are not included in student fees.

If students apply and are accepted into the Henley Sports Academy students are required to pay additional fees, please refer to the Sports Academy page.

Languages studied at Adelaide Secondary School of Languages attract an additional cost – please refer to their website for costs.

Languages studied at Henley High School, do not attract additional payments. 


Languages offered at Henley High School;


  • English as an Additional Language(EAL)  (Years 8-12)
  • German (Years 8–12)
  • Chinese for Background speakers (Years 10-12)
  • Japanese (Years 8-12)

Newly enrolled Year 12 students will be able to choose between purchasing a new laptop through the school for an upfront cost of $1250 or pay a non-refundable payment of $200 for a ‘lease’ of a laptop for the one year of the student being at school. The leased laptop will need to be returned before the student leaves the school. Students will receive an invoice for the full amount for non-returned laptops.

Note: The purchase of the new laptop option is also available for any student who currently has a school supported laptop that is coming out of warranty.

The laptop costs include:

 Infrastructure costs

 Additional technical support costs

 Cost of devices

 Warranty costs

 Software costs


The annual cost to parents is outlined in the above options listed. This can be paid as a yearly lump sum payment or by instalments arranged through the school Finance Officer. This cost will be set when each ‘Contract’ is initiated. 

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