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CIS Accreditation

HENLEY HIGH SCHOOL: Awarded for CIS International Accreditation

As of 2009, all schools within DECD were mandated to take part in a formal accreditation process. Henley High School embarked on a journey towards International Accreditation.  In September 2010 Henley High School was granted full International Accreditation through the Council of International Schools (CIS). As a result of this hard work and staff collegiality, Henley High School’s name is included on the list of accredited institutions on the CIS website. A plaque and certificated were awarded to the school in recognition of this prestigious award.

The CIS accreditation process provided us with the best process and outcomes for our school:
1. Whole School Improvement process– fostering excellence through an ongoing self study program and international peer review.
2. Recognition for providing programs to a high quality which are based around our school’s Philosophy and Objectives while meeting the demanding standards set out by the CIS.

Over a two year period, all staff participated in an extensive “self- study” process based around feedback from a number of sources including survey data from parents, students and staff. From this study an extensive report was put together followed by a full week visit from a team of International CIS visitors who evaluated all aspects of our school for accreditation purposes. The process has a whole school focus with the review areas outlined below:

1. Henley High School’s Philosophy and Objectives
2. Curriculum
3. Governance and Management
4. Staff
5. Student Support Services
6. Resources
7. Student and Community Life

In reaching this decision of International Accreditation, the CIS board Members were impressed with the number of commendations made by the visiting team to the school in relation to all of the above areas of the school.

Since CIS International Accreditation was awarded, staff  have continued to establish ongoing future goals for improvement and implement strategies to achieve such improvements.

Eddie Fabijan