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Student Executive

  The Student Executive group will work collaboratively with all members of the Henley High School community to ensure that each year the relationship within our school, internally and externally, will grow and develop. Our number one goal is to make sure that students have a voice that is heard by teachers to build our school spirit, support our schools values and encourage our ’10 Year Plan’.


I’m Ruby Hickman. I am in year 10 from the Oliphant sub-school. I am a part of SSP surf, I race triathlons during summer and I enjoy going to the beach and surfing. I chose to be in Student Executive as I wanted to be involved in organising events at our school that benefit other students and teachers. By applying for Student Executive, I am hoping to gain some new leadership and public speaking skills and use these to help to make the school a better place for all students. I was a part of Student Executive last year and thoroughly enjoyed my experience so therefore I reapplied to extend my skills.


My name is Sarah Beagley, I joined Student Executive because I want to further my Leadership skills and contribute positively to the school community. I am currently in Year 10 in Lowitja sub-school. This year I’d like to promote all the different coloured ribbon days and organise more events that raise money for charity.


My name is Shengxian (Naomi) Wang and I am a Year 11 Chinese international student from Lowitja subschool. l am on the Student Executive for Henley High School this year as well as in 2016. I am glad that I can join this community to represent international students. As I am one of the international students, I would like to try my best to support and help international students adapt to the new learning environment. My goal on the Student Executive for 2017 is to run a multi-cultural event in our school that can help to bridge the gap between local students and international students.


My name is Mackenzy Richardson and I am a Year 10 student in Florey. I joined Student Executive because I would like to expand my leadership skills and help improve the school community. This year in Student Executive, I would like to help the school donate or raise money for multiple non-profit organisations, promote internationalism within the community, connect with the wider school community, and initiate relationships between the year levels. I would also like to focus on bullying and its affects. I would like to organise a forum for guest speakers to discuss this issue and share strategies to overcome such hardships.


My name is Georgia Williams. I am currently a year 10 student from the Mawson sub-school. While being delighted to be a part of the Student Executive, I sincerely hope to make a difference both locally, nationally and internationally with a real focus on poverty and children’s rights. As a team and community, we will be able to conduct a food drive at a local level across the school with the ability to give back to the homeless via supporting Food Bank. This could be as small as each student donating one item from his or her own pantry. Nationally I want to be able to make a reasonable donation maybe via a casual clothes day to a national charity that the students vote upon as the most important to them. Internationally I would love to be able to create a partnership with a less fortunate school in the world and be able to raise awareness, funding and sponsorship for the children who are struggling to obtain an education.


Hi, my name is Jordan Chandler and I am one of the few students chosen to represent Henley High in the Student Executive program. For those of you who don’t know me, I have a very loud, outgoing, approachable personality with a love and passion for sport. I chose to apply and partake in Student Executive to give students a voice and to make school more enjoyable for them. My goal for 2017 is to have every student say, I love going to Henley High School!


I am Kai Neagle and I am in Year 12. I have been involved in student leadership since Year 9 and have been chosen this year to be one of two prefect representatives within Student Executive. I’ve enjoyed being part of Student Executive in previous years and I am happy to continue my work with the group and help this year through my role as a prefect. It will be a good opportunity for me to continue helping the school and I look forward to assisting the rest of Student Executive in their endeavours this year.


Hello, my name is Mckenzie Allen and I am a Year 9 in Mitchell. I joined Student Executive to gain additional leadership skills and extend the skills I have learnt in other areas of leadership. I believe Student Executive is a driving force behind making the school a better place and a safe environment for students. I would like to continue to be involved in school events and functions throughout the year.


My name is Amy Edgar. I am a year 11 student here at Henley. I am a member of Student Executive for the second time in the past 2 years. I have seen how much it has increased my confidence with public speaking, and speaking up in different situations. These are skills that I believe are important to have in life. This year I hope to improve on these skills even more and better my understanding of how people work.


Hello, I am Xinyu Du, a year-11 international student. I prefer people to call me Cindi. I come from Shanghai, China. I was a chief editor of a teenage newspaper that had a circulation of more than 1 million in China. I would like to improve my leadership skills, make friends, and help more students. Because I am an international student who has a similar experience with other international students, I want to give more help and mental support to the international students who have anxiety about studying and living in Adelaide. Therefore, I joined in Student Executive. I will to try my best to support international students, serve international students and assist teachers in 2017. As well as being a bridge of communication between teachers and students. Also, I plan to design and arrange more activities to promote internationalism and multiculturalism in the school.


I am Keon Doecke (Year 12) and this year I will work with Student Executive as a representative of the Prefects. I joined Student Executive to represent my peers and to help facilitate and implement ideas within the school and broader community. This year my main goal within Student Executive is to organise a Red Cross Blood Bus to visit the school for students and teachers to donate to this great cause.


Hello, my name is Jade Pryor and I am part of the Student Executive team this year. I am a Year 11 from the Mawson sub school. I decided to join Student Executive in 2017 because I could see from last year’s team that it was a great way to improve my leadership skills and involve students in more school activities. My aim this year is to advocate and support the LGBT+ community within Henley High School. At Henley High we have a GSA (Gay and Straight Alliance) however not many students are aware of this group’s existence. The point of the GSA is to show support for those who identify or support those in the LGBT+ community. As an LGBT+ supporter, it is in my best interest this year to raise awareness for all students supporting equality.


My name is Beth Prestwood, and I am in year 10 from the Mitchell sub-school. This year I decided to join Student Executive for a different experience, and to help improve my leadership skills. I hope to participate in many fundraising events along with making the school a better place.