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I want to thank Mr. Noll, Ms. Bennett, Ms. Treilibs, Ms. Foster, Mr. Spencer, Mr. Clifton and Ms. Madigan for their support and care. I cannot believe that six years passed since my visit to Australia. The stay at Adelaide was an unforgettable experience. I learned a lot at school and about myself. All the impressions and experiences I could make in my live so far, affected my development. They brought me where I am today. As well did the time at Henley High. Eventually I did finish my painting Ms. Bennett. I graduated with a degree in Biology and Geography at the University of Innsbruck. Now I am looking forward to work as a high school teacher in South Tyrol, Italy. The schoolyear starts in September. My wish is to become a good teacher, to encourage my students the way I experienced it. Again, thank you for the enjoyable time at your school.

Lisa K